Make an Alphabet Book with Miss Janet

Make an Alphabet Book with Miss Janet is a 27-week video series with take & make kits for local patrons. Learn more and sign up. Registered participants can access the videos below. If you have questions, please email Janet at

Week 27: Z is for Zebra

Week 26: Y is for Yo-Yo

Week 25: X is for X-Ray

Week 24: W is for Walrus

Week 23: V is for Volcano

Week 22: U is for Umbrella

Week 21: T is for Train

Week 20: S is for Snake

Week 19: R is for Rainbow

Week 18: Q is for Quilt

Week 17: P is for Pig

Week 16: O is for Owl

Week 15: N is for Night

Week 14: M is for Mouse

Week 13: L is for Ladybug

Week 12: K is for Kangaroo

Week 11: J is for Jellyfish

Week 10: I is for Igloo

Week 9: H is for Horse

Week 8: G is for Goose

Week 7: F is for Firefighter

Week 6: E is for Elephant

Week 5: D is for Dog

Week 4: C is for Cat

Week 3: B is for Bear

Week 2: A is for Astronaut

Week 1: My Alphabet Book Front Page