Local History

Gaylord Memorial Library has a collection of local history resources with archival sources looking at Mount Holyoke, South Hadley, and Western Massachusetts.  Please feel free to come into the library to have a look at these.  The items are stored in boxes in the library, but the contents are all listed in the pdf documents below.

Mount Holyoke College History

Kinney Collection Index – South Hadley Homes

Kinney Collection Index – Box 2: Articles and Photographs Portraying Historic Monuments and Information

Gaylord Memorial Library Box Contents

Gaylord Family Box Contents

South Hadley History – Box 1

South Hadley History – Box 2

South Hadley History – Box 3

Western Mass History

Oversized Items – Local History

We also have a Local History section in the central rotunda with books, photo albums and scrap books that can be viewed while at the library, and additional local history storage in the first floor vault.