For Prospective Volunteers: Interested in volunteering?

Gaylord Library depends on a dedicated group of close to sixty volunteers who contribute their time, talent, and resources in a variety of roles, week after week.

We welcome prospective volunteers to visit us at Gaylord Memorial Library to fill out our Volunteer Application.

We make every effort to match people with jobs they will enjoy, but we cannot guarantee that we will have an opening at the time you apply.

Our volunteers are provided with training and support, in addition to a friendly group of staff and fellow volunteers to work with. Please take a look at our volunteer policy below. We hope your volunteer experience will be a gratifying one!

Volunteer Policy

Recruitment. If you enjoy volunteering at Gaylord, please tell your friends. Most of our recruiting is done by word of mouth. The suggested minimum age for young people working independently in the library is 12 years old.

Attendance/Absences. The Library staff depend on volunteers to work the hours they agreed to work. If you cannot make it on your day, please try to find another volunteer who can work for you. If you are unable to find a replacement, please call your volunteer coordinator. We appreciate as much notice as possible to fill your slot. If it is a last minute cancellation, please call the library as soon as you know you will not be able to volunteer.

Time Commitment. Due to the amount of training involved, we would prefer that our “desk” volunteers make a commitment to work for a year. This does not apply to summer volunteers (six weeks) or casual volunteers (as needed).

Confidentiality. Volunteers as well as staff members are asked to treat all information about patrons or library staff in a confidential manner. This includes all information that may be passed through word of mouth, computer documents, and other records.