Summer Music Fun!

“The Songs, Sounds and Rhythms of the River”
A Concert with Craig Harris


Today, Gaylord Library’s Children’s Department had the great joy of hosting Craig Harris and his band in a summer kick-off concert! The band sang songs about the natural world, including Mother Earth, Starfish, and our tiny patrons’ favorite animals! Concert goers were fully immersed in the performance as they became part of the band using shakers available in the library and being encouraged to join in on choruses and any familiar song sections. With kids and families lounging in chairs, on our new reading rug, and checking out books, we almost had a full house!


Afterwards, everyone was invited to gather outside for some animal-themed snacks (gummy rainforest frogs and ocean creature cheese crackers) while enjoying the nice weather, as well as blowing bubbles and creating their own ice cream cone stickers.

IMG_2714Bubble Wands!

IMG_2709Creating our own stickers.

So, with that — we wrap up another wonderful Friday Family Frolic Storytime at Gaylord Library. We hope to see you again soon!


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